Scent list

Scent List!

At Shakeit! Scents we have over 40 scents for you to chose from. Our scent list is forever growing every few months so keep checking back for new scents.


All of our scents are available in a range of our products. You can chose our scents from the drop down menu bar in each product section in our shop.

Scent List! 




Zoflora Springtime

Zoflora Fresh Linen

Zoflora Mountain Air 

Baby Powder 

Unstoppable Dreams 

Yankee Clean Cotton 

Anti Bacterial - Dettol Original   


Perfume   (dupes)



Snow Fairy 

Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Jo Malone - Lime, Basil & Mandarin 

Flower Bomb 

Black Opium  

Creed for Him 

Chanel No5 

Lady Million 

Invictus for Him 

Le Ves Est Belle 








Magical Funland 

Hotel of Dreams 

Vicks Vapour Rub 

Sea Salt & Vanilla 

Down Under 

Magic Medicine
I Carried a Watermelon 

Pink Sugar Summer Storms 

Moon Dust 

Gold Laundry  

Magical Dreams 

Bubble pop 

Sea Marine 

Candy Floss  

Raspberry & Sandalwood

Lemon sherbet

Pink sands

Lost cherry 

Home sweet home 

Black coconut 

Bobbin for apples 

Rose wonderland
Sugared Plum

Pink Sands