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Shake It Scents

Perfume & Aftershaves!

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Perfumes and Aftershaves:


What makes our fragrances different from the rest?


Our perfume and aftershaves are Extrait De Parfume INTENSE (EDP)


So what does this mean?


We have worked hard with the perfume house to allow the most percentage of fragrance that each scent allows. Our perfumes are made with oil and not perfume alcohol … perfumes/aftershaves made with oil has a higher longevity on the skin!


Meaning our fragrances will last for hours on your skin - no need to top up during the day!


Less topping up, means less perfume/aftershave used means saving you money!


A list of our perfumes/aftershaves are below 👇🏻 all 50ml bottles. Why pay way more for expensive looking bottles when what you want is lasting fragrance! 8+ hours of lasting fragrance! 


Kreed - SS01! (Male)

Belle - SS02! (female)

Savage - SS03! (Male)

Good Girl - SS04! (Female)

Baccarat rouge - SS05! (Unisex)

Arabians Tonka - SS06! (Unisex)


Our perfumes/aftershaves are no way affiliated with the brand. The use of any product name is strictly for identification and reference reasons and does not indicate any affiliation with the trademark holder.


Please see individual item descriptions for ingredients and materials

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Care Instructions

Store your Shakeit! Products in a cool, dry place

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